• Summer 2013 - Canada (Toronto & Stratford)

    Voici les fameuses photos tant attendues.. Je vous préviens, ya vraiment rien de spécial à voir XDDD Il y a surtout des paysages, et des photos assez "random" x) M'enfin, je vous avais dit de ne pas trop vous attendre à des photos extraordinaires ou quoique ce soit >.> En effet, je n'ai pas pu prendre des photos du centre-ville de Toronto (ce qui est bien dommage car c'est tout de même intéressant de voir à quoi ça ressemble ><) à cause des déplacements en vélo, donc je ne pouvais pas emporter mon appareil photo (c'est lourd quand même x_x).. J'en ai tout de même quelques unes mais avec une qualité "téléphone portable" si on peut dire ça x'3 Bref, j'espère qu'elles vous plairont tout de même.. Enjoy! :)
    Petite précision: Si certaines photos ont des effets et qu'elles ne se trouvent pas dans la rubrique "Retouchées"
    c'est parce que j'ai fait le réglage directement avec mon appareil. Donc je considère que la photo n'a pas été retouchée ^^


    http://ekladata.com/cdgogT0NcmtHCFnQpE3ryhEYKFs/5717.jpg http://ekladata.com/hQ8_HnzK377YqSUPVCsad3jQFXQ/5721.jpg http://ekladata.com/qshVPyryFJtitSg2mhcrMj3Gx8I/5724.jpg
    http://ekladata.com/or6JC6QQtsr0wewwV9gYcQIjrmU/6289.jpg http://ekladata.com/m8IW97UQT2xpsXJVzO2oV6kRXlA/6320.jpg http://ekladata.com/uuryhzkxyrvLCU9eScT2nn6u8EE/6346.jpg
    http://ekladata.com/Ukv_Gw136yeztqzOYwjFJTal3tU/6356.jpg http://ekladata.com/wUPYuobAQMk6kmcP0yq6YbtlGYI/6374.jpg http://ekladata.com/CkUxgNx-3bbOGTI4RaVxm1_zRRw/6376.jpg
    http://ekladata.com/ldP0A-nhQ3Mc0vBO7ZpsNbIrkNs/6377.jpg http://ekladata.com/uY4cSfWbNz0JGHUYIJRywicLwzs/6386.jpg http://ekladata.com/jo9AnT3ZikUluBJkWfIk8fCiXBo/6388.jpg
    http://ekladata.com/OSG8ks_Yn7gVME29F8Fa26gkwUg/6447.jpg http://ekladata.com/RXWYZ2fbmwV1E9hTseRGAzdI8uY/6448.jpg http://ekladata.com/cRuZ1bUROMYorRB5KH1ouWtLO9s/6463.jpg http://ekladata.com/bfqKDmETB75_Fk-axoLJPooJsvY/7354.jpg http://ekladata.com/1RicHk1e4Kv-zsO5sgdPLtY_nbY/7399.jpg
    http://ekladata.com/zUmd8TB0jROCPxoWDZDYSGBvAfc/7403.jpg http://ekladata.com/szGXxXe6oAe-P7fAzDDrR2uZ0Qw/7411.jpg http://ekladata.com/YwggBeAaOJ2hpvPotZLWVwGpjtE/7415.jpg
    http://ekladata.com/iQgux2Im4mxLQR5aZzi-MjmCU04/7422.jpg http://ekladata.com/5okbw7BJDmgdtY5jAR7_000LjeQ/7428.jpg http://ekladata.com/c0PHB6FNaEdh17z80Lc3gejmkVk/7434.jpg


    http://ekladata.com/ZBwE_SZUNaJOV-0U1jCGX8dmOIk/6560.jpg http://ekladata.com/uPww8_Ycy1Ir_jmACNT2657iX98/6579.jpg http://ekladata.com/_A2kRvwkY9dWZoYbhRSqtm5rbfo/6830.jpg
    http://ekladata.com/d78hcmzPhPdHNvDZTgMQ0aBGt7g/6586.jpg http://ekladata.com/MWo1FlKR0quzHA4XbtR8qxSsI7M/6856.jpg http://ekladata.com/re4wgu_e8cxb0CIJoygEpgP-LTQ/6880.jpg
    http://ekladata.com/7u5fr5Wk4GELTGziEDxhofYL5P0/6896.jpg http://ekladata.com/Z6PnjEzFdtTUnjFhySUS_iE2DlU/6902.jpg http://ekladata.com/bcPYjIjCabR0-EZjc0EvdJL_FQU/6903.jpghttp://ekladata.com/qk9hB2HRgK3WD8wbKpfFpLXgnJ8/6904.jpg
    http://ekladata.com/3PE_czj18mkEdzN1tRpWjTvvvSk/6905.jpg http://ekladata.com/kTL2jnAWhBq0B4Ya18KplDEH6-g/6920.jpg
    http://ekladata.com/z0ajP-xdRv01TeX1k0vGy8MDcKE/6921.jpg http://ekladata.com/4YGkxGn2kMsP7Tu-roN8Vvc1Wp8/6932.jpg
    http://ekladata.com/LGo-sCGIsyHM0QlnHhcBsz__lhg/6936.jpg http://ekladata.com/QhEMCyMcQpVyMNncLmPydFW8pXI/6811.jpg

    _ BONUS

    It's me.

  • Commentaires

    Mercredi 23 Octobre 2013 à 20:53

    heyyyyy princess ! <3
    Même pas un message pour me prévenir que les photos étaient publiées ?! oh.

    Sinon, de très belles photos. fufu~

    see ya sweetie. 


    Mercredi 23 Octobre 2013 à 21:02

    Awww je m'excuse! x_x J'y ai pas pensé! >o<

    Cha va? <3
    Merci beaucoup Queen ♥

    Mercredi 23 Octobre 2013 à 21:07

    yeah, i'm fine.
    and you Princess' ? <3

    Mercredi 23 Octobre 2013 à 21:09

    I'm fine too ~ <3

    Mercredi 23 Octobre 2013 à 21:19

    okay then, that's nice. :')

    Mercredi 23 Octobre 2013 à 21:54

    Yay! :3 Did you plan something for ur holidays? ~

    Mercredi 23 Octobre 2013 à 22:02

    nothing, if you meant something like going out w/t friends and all. (but i actually went to the movies w/t a friend, on saturday after school ; we saw "The Mortal Instruments" and i loved it !)
    but, i'm so boooored. i've already read 4 books since sunday..
    and, i'm planning to end watching PLL. I'm still at season 2 (ep15) since last year so.. ~
    but i have so many homeworks.. ugh. 

    and you ? What are you going to do during these holidays ? :)

    Mercredi 23 Octobre 2013 à 22:26

    Oh I see :3 Is it scary or not at all? What did u like the most in this film? :)
    Wow, u do like reading books.. bc i'm sure I won't be able to read 4 books in 3 days even if I'm very bored o/ PLL? What anime is it? :o
    Ugh, me too. I have so many things to do but I'm too lazy to do it even if I know I'm gonna be in trouble if I don't do it while I still have the time.. I just want to spend my holidays relaxing :c

    Mhmh.. idk yet. Maybe I'll see some friends from middle school, go to the cinema or just spend time with them.. I really have no idea :')

    Mercredi 23 Octobre 2013 à 22:59

    scary ? i don't think so.
    well, first the characters, i just love them so much !
    Clary & Jace (Lily Collins & Jamie Campbell) are soooo perf together. and Magnus.. he's so cooool ! :lawl: and, i also like the story haha. well, i've never read the books but, i can say that the first movie was pretty nice :) i can't wait for the next ones~ (my friend, who had read the books, said that the movie followed well the book, except for some details.)

    yeah, actually i reaaaad a lot. haha. it's just that since this year, or last year perhaps..(?),
    i had so much things to do, and to watch so i stopped reading that much. :'x

    nooooo. That's not an anime !! oh.
    PLL = Pretty Little Liars = omfgggggggg, you should watch it becoz it's sooooo cool and asdfghjkl;!!

    same here. aww.
    furthermore, i were sooo tired. but i should study more right now..
    remember that i've my exams this year. ughh x.x

    oh. are they friends that you didn't see for a long time ? :O (you didn't go at the same high school, did you ?) but, that sounds nice ! :)

    i hope you'll have nice holidays. :D
    are you goin' to do something for halloween ? :)

    Mercredi 23 Octobre 2013 à 23:33

    Now I'm quite interested x) Maybe I'll go see it ~ :3

    Awww i'm sorry :O I know by name and the story. But I didn't read the books or watch the serie (it seems interesting tho) :o

    Yeah.. Good luck for your exams! I have to concentrate on my studies too ugh. High school is different from middle school (my marks got lower, I know it's "normal" but it's quite surprising ><) U can't imagine how much I was happy to be in holidays, I needed it so much.. *^*

    Yup! :'3 We didn't see each others since school starts so I was thinking of meet them this week (or next week) maybe :') (We did but I have a very good friend who attends a high school near mine so, we sometimes took the subway together after school ~) I hope I'll be able to see all the friends I used to hang with.. :)

    I hope you'll have great holidays too! ^^
    Nope, I usually don't celebrate Halloween (excepted when I was like.. 5 or 6? with all my cousins x'3) but maybe I'll do something if my friends want to, idk x)

    Mercredi 23 Octobre 2013 à 23:59

    you should. :)

    that's okay, princess' ~
    you should try it. idk if you watch series, but this one is pretty nice to begin with ! <3

    thanks. haha. i hope it'll go well this year too. :sigh:
    Good luck too for your studies ! ik you can do it !! Don't procrastinate !

    yeah, i hope that too. :)

    okay. :o

    Well, i have to go. sorry. it was nice to talk like this again Princess' :)
    have a good night. xoxo

    (wechat or sms hein floflo princess~ <3 <3)

    Jeudi 24 Octobre 2013 à 00:10

    Kay', I'll think about it :3

    I don't watch many series but I think I can begin yeah x'3

    u're welcome :) Of course it will, if we do our best, I'm sure it will go well! There is no reason it won't :) Yeah you're right >_<

    Oh, np <3 Yeah, I'm glad that we talked a little :)
    Good night & have sweet dreams Queen <3

    (yes! <3 <3 <3)

    Jeudi 24 Octobre 2013 à 14:03

    okay :)

    tell me if you like it ! ;)

    i hope so, yeah.

    <3 <3 <3

    Jeudi 24 Octobre 2013 à 14:15

    Okay I'll tell you, just let me the time to watch it x'3 (I don't even know when I'll begin btw)
    <3 <3 <3

    Jeudi 24 Octobre 2013 à 19:16

    okay, no problem Princess'. :3

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